The Nic 707 Story

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Spring 2022

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Audio Book Summary:

How legendary graffiti artist Nic 707 Transformed the NYC Transit System.  A fascinating journey through the artistic vision of legendary graffiti artist Nic 707, who founded the movement and was its spiritual center. This compelling narrative covers his early life as a graffiti writer, how he came to develop the InstaFame Phantom Art concept, and how it evolved into a movement which fulfilled and enriched his life and those who joined him.

Written By: Karim Miteff

Date: Spring, 2022

Duration: 120+ Minutes

Genre: Non Fiction

If you are a fan of graffiti, historic art movements, or an artist who is interested in the drives and motivations of other artists, this audio book is a wonderful addition to any personal library. It presents the story of a man who allowed his dreams to be reborn and inspired others to follow theirs. Many will find it a delightful story that they will share with friends and fellow artists alike.