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How Legendary Graffiti

Artist Nic 707 Transformed

the NYC Transit System


This is the official site of the

Instafame Phantom Art Collection.


Over ten years in the making, this collection includes hundreds of one-of-a-kind works from dozens of artists, inspired by the wildly imaginative and renowned New York graffiti legend Fernando Miteff, aka Nic 707. What began as his personal project to transform trains and buses into random pop galleries, evolved into a movement that returned dozens of classic graffiti and up-and-coming artists in a multitude of genres to the New York City transit system over dozens of exhibitions.

Nic 707’s passing from Covid-19 in early 2020 brought a unique era of art exploration to a close. His role as founder, primary contributor, exhibitor, and original curator makes this fascinating and extraordinary assemblage of art his ultimate legacy.

             InstaFame Phantom Art           

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